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Last updated: September, 2022

We reserve the right to change these statements in the future.  If we make changes, we’ll post the update on this site.  You can check the date above to see when it was last updated.


Privacy Policy

In operating this site, social media, and many other web entities, our purpose is to help visitors of Hawaii find the most relevant and trustworthy information as well as the best-fit for any products or services.  On our web properties, you can research the islands, find answers to questions, ask us or our communities questions you can’t find answers to, and visit partner sites that have more answers and products/services you may need for your visits.

We are owned and operated by Hawaii Web Group, LLC. By visiting any of our sites or social media on any type of computer or device you agree to the terms and policies on this page.

When you access our sites or social media, we collect information from and about you in order to give you a better, more personalized experience across the web.  Affiliated entities, third-party partners, and other Hawaii Web Group, LLC. properties also collect and securely share this information.

At this time, the only information we’re knowingly collecting from visitors include your devices’ IP address, your device’s activity/movement on our sites and social media, and (only if you leave a comment or send us an email) your email address and any other information that you manually submit to us.

If you’re interested in our delivering any of the collected information to you, please give us a shout.  Most everything we collect is done through 3rd party Softwares like Google & Facebook.  There’s really not a whole lot that we can share of yours, so you should feel protected on our end.  To learn more about how we collect info, check out the Cookies section.



Giving you access to our information is of utmost importance to us!  We want this access to be easy, safe, and useful.  In order to do so, we use cookies and other technologies to increase security, make our experience better, and help us deliver better more-relevant advertising.

Almost every website nowadays uses cookies, which are small files stored on your browser that contain some info about your internet use. This helps websites and advertisers deliver more personalized results in order to further your positive experience online.

We use them to measure traffic with Google Analytics as well as for future advertising on Google or Facebook.  Please keep in mind, we don’t know who you are personally.  We only know basic computer identity for the purpose of sharing advertising to the appropriate groups in areas you’d already be seeing advertising regardless of sites you visit.

Every computer gives you the option to delete cookies at any time.  It’s pretty easy, but keep in mind it will delete all the helpful cookies that make surfing the web more efficient for you.


Sponsors and Affiliates

We’re open to taking sponsorship, but we’re very selective.  If you’re interested, look at our Work with Us section below.

Please understand as you browse our website that some content features sponsored businesses or affiliate businesses for the purpose of awareness and driving sales to their own sites.  We’ve written “sponsor” on any material that is paid for or drives traffic to an affiliate site for the purpose of our receiving commissions for products/services/activities.  Also, understand that we never promote any business that we haven’t personally experienced multiple times and approve of.

If we don’t love a product, service, activity, we will not share it.  We will not promote it.  We will not accept sponsorship or affiliate commissions from them.  

Work with Us!

Want your business featured?  Let us know at the contact address below. We’re very selective about those we feature.  We only consider those we personally have had a great experience with. Keep in mind, we don’t want to speak to those that are not relevant.  Selling “Maui” jewelry online from Croatia?  Please go away.

Your social media reach is UNREAL!  How can I be featured there?  Mahalo for noticing!  It’s been a ton of work spanning over a decade.  As of this writing (July 2020, and we probably won’t update this section for a few years), we have over 860,000 followers across our different social accounts.  We grow by around 25-60,000 new followers every quarter (NATURALLY!)  If you have a great blog/site and want to have us share your posts, let us know.  If you have a great experience on the water available via your business, let us know. If your content is useful to our readers, we’re open to sharing it!  Are you an influencer with a great bikini photo of you in Bermuda that you’d like us to share?  Please go away.

Want to drop your own article on our site?  Occasionally, we’ll allow a writer to contribute, but we don’t accept guest posts.  We’re very protective of our readers.  Anything written for our site would need to be unique and specific to Molokini or Maui.

Think we’re a good fit as a client for your services or product? I’ll save you time, please don’t reach out. Any services we use are sought out.  We’ve never used a service or product where the company reached out to us cold.


Have suggestions?  See something broken?  Want to work with us?  Let us know!


Why no simple form?  

Have you ever tried to keep dozens of forms free from spam and garbage?  It’s exhausting.  We’ve given up.  Time to give the responsibility back to you!  If you want to reach us, you can figure out how to reach us with the info above and say “ALOHA!”

We look forward to hearing from you!