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Find the right lawyer or attorney on Kauaʻi. Here is where you will find lawyers across various specialties currently practicing on Kauaʻi.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

For claims about injuries (physical or psychological), from another person, company, government agency or any entity, a Personal Injury Lawyer is necessary. Here are the top personal injury lawyers practicing in Hawaii.

Business Law


Business Law encapsulates all of the state and federal laws surrounding the the conduction of business. From sole proprietorships to major corporations, this area covers issues regarding all types of business.

Real Estate Law Keys

Real Estate

Real Estate law covers legal issues related to the purchase and sale of real property, as well as the structures and anything attached to the structures. Here are the top Real Estate lawyers in Hawaii.

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Maui Lawyers
Maui Lawyers
Family Law


Family law involves issues with domestic relations and family matters. These are the top lawyers on Maui specializing in family law.

Immigration Law Passports


Immigration law involves legal issues around immigration into and deportation out of a country.  Here are the best lawyers and attorneys in Hawaii when it comes to immigration law.

Health & Medical Law

Health & Medical

Health law focuses mainly on the healthcare system including its providers, payers, vendors, patients and administration of healthcare services.  Medical law is concerned with the responsibilities of medical professionals and the rights of patients.

Criminal Law


Criminal law has to do with the punishment of people who commit crimes through either an act or omission.

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Maui Lawyers